Winky Lux Diamond Complexion Powder


First things first, this powder has diamonds in it?! Like is this for real? I want to say no because it only cost $20. But either way, the shine in this powder is real. My coworkers were commenting on how glowy I looked when I wore this the other day.
I was quite impressed with this powder. It didn’t look cakey when I wore it and really blended nicely. It’s supposed to give you a soft-focus effect and I can see that.
This has multi-dimensional pigments in it so it blends to match your skin tone. I did feel like this warmed up my face a bit. I’m not sure that it matched to my skin tone exactly.
This powder does come in different shades, but only four. Frankly, that’s not enough shades to cover the spectrum of skin tones we have. But they are an indie makeup brand so it’s a start. Hopefully, they expand the shade range soon. Each compact retails for $20. Too much to spend? Well, I have a coupon code for 30% off any purchase! Use the code IPSTERS at checkout.



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