Elizabeth Mott Whatup Beaches Matte Bronzer

It’s so hard to be mad at Elizabeth Mott. The products are so great. I have yet to try anything from this line that I hated. The products work wonderfully. They are so pigmented, the perfect shade, and are easy to use.
But I. Hate. The. Packaging.
I know that this shitty packaging is only for the sample sizes. I understand why a brand wouldn’t want to spend too much money on sample size products. But it makes using her products more difficult. It makes her products seem cheap and I just wish I could have nice packaging.
My rant is over, and we’re back to the product. This matte bronzer is beautiful. I wore this bronzer to a concert and I loved the way it looked against my skin. This bronzer blends so easily. This is going to be great to throw on right before you head out during the warmer months.
You can get this product for $25. Price tag making your mascara run? Don’t worry. I have a coupon code for 50% off any purchase. Just use the code IPSYBRONZER at checkout.
I just want to note that my photos are kind of shitty because a) I was on my way to a concert in the city so I didn’t have time to take nice photos and b) the photos areΒ in my bathroom after a sweaty concert. My bad!

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