BeFine Food Skin Care Gentle Face Cleanser

This is my first vegan face cleanser! I was hyped to see this in my glam bag. I love having the chance to try out vegan makeup. And this cleanser was great.
This cleanser contains coconut oil, tea tree oil, and orange extract. These ingredients help moisturize and help balance oil production. UM, YES PLEASE. As some with combination skin, I’m in love with that.
This cleanser also has jojoba beads in it to help remove dead skin cells. To that I say, whhhhaaat. I don’t remember seeing or feeling anything like that in it. But my memory could just be escaping me.
This cleanser smells like mint and makes my face tingle. Something that I rather enjoy, but others may not. The cleanser contains peppermint oil, which is the reason for the mint smell and tingles. There is also oat bran, rice bran, and sugar cane extract. This also contains wheat amino acids. Who even knew those things existed?
Anyway, you can purchase this product for $24. But you can also get 20% off any purchase by using the code IPSY at checkout.

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