Love and Miss Communication by Elyssa Friedland

This is a very modern book. As someone who lives online (hello, you are reading this on my blog!) I was really excited to read about a woman who completely gives up the Internet. To see how she navigates society without the use of Google or texting. There was a time when I simply refused to speak on the phone with anyone. It was too awkward for me.
This book shows how extreme we can get when it comes to the Internet. You’ll laugh throughout this book. You’ll cringe at Evie’s mistakes as if they were your own. You’ll sigh as you recognize similar characteristics.
You can get this book for $11.28. It’s such a good cook to sit down with a cup of coffee and take a break from Twitter for a little while.
Have any book recommendations? Let me know below!
Favorite Quotes:
  • “‘When I look at you, I see insecurity. It kills me. I want to shake you and remind you of all you have accomplished.'”
  • “‘These people who take up space in our lives, they don’t just vanish entirely. They leave scars.'”

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