Essie’s At The Barre

I love this nude shade. Again, this is one of those colors that would look beautiful on any skin tone. On lighter skin tones, it would be a very pretty pinky-brown. On deeper skin tones, it would look like a lovely light warm nude.
Essie’s website describes this color as a “soft cinnamon nude.” I think it’s a little too pink to be a cinnamon shade. But that could be the case because of my skin’s undertone.
This shade has me crying out for longer nails. I think this would be beautiful with a matte top coat over it on some coffin-shaped acrylics.
This is the first time I’m wearing the gel top coat with a gel polish! I’ll keep you updated on how it wears. If you’re interested in this shade, you can purchase it for $11.50
And if you haven’t already, make sure you enter my giveaway!

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