Style Forever by Alyson Walsh

This is the cutest, smallest coffee table book out there right now, in my opinion. I think the artwork in the book (by Leo Greenfield) is beautiful and depicts the women as their true selves. Like, you can look at this illustrations and you immediately know who it is.
This book is both funny and informational, which are my favorite kind of books. Alyson Walsh, who hasΒ never-ending credentials, doesn’t take serious fashion seriously, and I think that’s important.
She gives suggestions on where to buy clothes from the Gap & Topshop to Chanel.
I recommend this book if you’re obsessed with fashion.
I would gift this book to moms, aunts, grandmas, any older women in your life. She talks about how you can be fashionable at any age, and I think that’s important.
You can get this book from Barnes & Noble for $13.85.

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