Essie’s Over The Moon-Stone

At first, I was pretty annoyed about this nail polish shade when I first applied it. See, in the bottle, it’s memorizing. It looks like a magical cloud that was captured in a bottle. It looks rather beautiful. Then, when I applied it, it was clear. It looked like I just applied a top coat. I wanted my nails to look like that magical cloud.
After wearing it for a few hours, I noticed that it has a slight shift to it in some lighting. It has a glittery sheen to it.
It’s also quite refreshing to not have a color on my nails. They look simply healthy. I can’t tell you the last time my nails looked this good, to be honest with you. I might be wearing nothing on my nails more often. Except on Mondays, of course.
Unfortunately, they don’t sell the collection this shade comes from. But you can find it on Amazon for $9.
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