My New Year’s Resolutions: Update


1. Drink More Water

I was doing really well with this. But lately, I haven’t been drinking as much water as I’d like to. To get me Moreno excited about water again, I bought a new diffuser water bottle as well as cucumbers, mint, and other fruits to put in my new bottle! But I’m still drinking soda when’s I go out to eat…

2. Be Nicer To My Mom

My mom and I are getting alongside great. Now that I have a job, I can contribute and pitch in more. I actually just surprised her last week and took her out to eat at a restaurant she’s been wanting to go to!

3. Let People In/Reestablish Relationships

Ooops. I was just thinking about this the other day. I haven’t done this at all. But Cat from Supergirl said something in the season finale that inspired me.
“….the thing that makes women strong is that we have the guts to be vulnerable. We have the ability to feel the depths of our emotion, and we know that we will walk through it to the other side.”
Bone. Chilling. This is something I have to work on for sure.

4. Get A Job In My Dream Field

I just addressed part of this on Tuesday. I’ve just started looking at jobs related to my major. I’m taking baby’s steps because  a) I don’t want to freak myself out completely and b) I don’t really know which part of my field I want to go into. I’ve been looking into sports jobs recently.

5. Meatless Monday

I have completely dropped the ball on this. I need to start doing this again, but maybe just focus on eating meatless on one day, not necessarily on a Monday.

6. Regular Skincare Routine

This is something I have been doing and have been totally in love with it. It relaxes me. It has become the “me time” that I can’t reschedule or push back. It’s even become something my mother and I enjoy doing together.

7. Don’t Panic About The Order Of Things

I haven’t really thought about this too much. I’m too busy to be concerned about the order in which I get things done. I just want/need to get them done.

8. Be More Like My Female Icons

When I wrote my New Year’s Resolutions, Carrie Fisher has just passed away. Carrie as a person and the characters she played have been inspiring. I take inspiration from both fictional (like Cat Grant, see Number 3) and real people every day.
Check out my original post below!

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