Hey Honey Bèsame Mucho

I was really confused by the name of this product. I know it’s Spanish, just thought it was different from the names of their other products. If you don’t know, “bèsame mucho” roughly translates to “kiss me a lot.”
Oh, I should mention, in case you haven’t figured it out, this product is a lip balm.
It contains ingredients like shea butter and propolis (it comes from beehives like most of their other products and it’s really good for hydration).
Personally, I love slathering on a healthy dose of lip balm right before bed so I wake up with soft lips. But you can just apply this on the go and your lips feel hydrated instantly.
You can get this product for $14, which is pricey for a lip balm. Do you need this product? No. Is it nice to have? Yes. Take that information and do with that what you will.
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