Really Professional Internet Person by Jenn McAllister

Now, I don’t know who Jenn McAliister is. I don’t even know her by her YouTube name JennxPenn. Do you need to know who she is in order to read this book? No. Do I think you’d enjoy it more if you did know who she was? Of course.
She shared her life story but also had some good tips and pointers for other people who are looking to become a part of the YouTube community. There’s also a lot of photos that document her life. It’s pretty much like a longer version of a scrapbook.
This was a quick read. You can totally read this whole book in a day if you wanted to. I recommend this book for a younger audience, preferably someone who has seen her videos or knows who she is.
You can get this book for $10.69 at Barnes & Noble if you’re interested!
Favorite Quote:
  • “So I don’t like to call them bullies; I prefer to use a more accurate term to describe people who make it their goal to put other people down. I call them assholes.”


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