Marc Jacobs Fragrances Daisy

I feel like I have been lied to. Did you know that this perfume has no notes of daisies at all?! I didn’t! I was waiting for it to pop in the notes and it doesn’t. Ever. How strange, right? Why not call it something else?
The top notes that are in this perfume are violet leaves and wild strawberries. Not even remotely close to a daisy. Then you have your violet petals, jasmine, musk, and vanilla to finish it off.
I do love the scent though. I have for quite some time. It’s florally (obviously) but it manages to not smells sickly sweet or powdery (I think it has to do with musk being in here, but what do I know?).
Like most perfumes, this one comes in different sizes. You can get the travel size, a roller-ball, .24oz for $27. You can get a small bottle, 1.7oz for $80. Or you can get the big bottle, 3.4oz for $100!


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