Global Beauty Care Charcoal Wash Off Mask

When I first saw this in my glam bag, I could have sworn that I had this in a past glam bag. I was right, kinda, but not really. This is the mask I had received from this brand before.
This one is different in the fact that it has different ingredients! Charcoal has been taking the beauty world by storm for a while now. I’ve even had some of my guy friends ask me where they could get their hands on a charcoal mask! (Hey, masking is for everyone! Who doesn’t love relaxing, doing next to nothing, and getting better skin for it!)
Charcoal helps get all the dirt in your skin out! I suggest charcoal masks for all skin types. Everyone gets dirty pores, it’s time you cleaned them.
You’re supposed to leave this mask on for 15 minutes, but I leave it on for longer. It just depends on what I’m working on or what I’m doing. I wash it off whenever I’m good and ready. Is this something that is good/bad for my skin? I don’t know. But I do it anyway.
This mask left me with a glowy complexion afterward, which I wasn’t expecting from a mud mask. I usually use sheet masks for that effect!
The best part about this mask? You can get it for $4.99 at Bed, Bath, and Beyond! Convenient and cheap? Let me stock up (;
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