Mellow Cosmetics Creamy Matte Lipstick in Nude

First things first, we have to talk about this shade. I think it’s such a beautiful coolish tone mauve. It’s something you see all the baddies on Instagram wearing, (that’s where my outfit/makeup inspo came from!) which is great! But quick question, who is this “nude” on? This is clearly a pink shade. There is no doubt about that, right? Don’t call something nude if it ain’t nude!
The formula is AMAZING. It’s so hydrating and matte. I loveΒ the way this feels on my lips. There’s vitamin E to keep your lips moisturized. People complained because the formula isn’t long lasting, but I’m okay with it because I love swiping this on my lips.
And this baby is OPAQUE. You don’t have to fight with this at all to get the color from the tube to the color you want on your lips.
This lipstick will cost you $13, and they have plenty of shades if you’re looking for more of a pop of color or a ~true nude~ shade! Bonus, use the code Ipster until 6/30 to get 10% off your purchase plus free shipping on an order of $40 or more!
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