Royal & Langnickel MODA Precision Angled

This is a weird brush for me. I feel like the size is strange. You’re supposed to be able to this brush for a number of things including eye shadow, nose contouring, and under-eye concealing. I feel like it is slightly too big to be used on the eyes as well as for nose contouring. As far as concealer is concerned, I don’t use a brush for concealer.
I discovered all of this as I used this brush for my eyes and my nose contour when I tested it out. I’m determined to find a use for this brush.
The brush itself is really nice. The bristles are so soft and densely packed together. Did I mention this brush is also !00% vegan?
I’m going to keep playing around with this to see what I can use it for. If you’re interested in checking this brush out, or any brush by Royal & Langnickel, you can use the code Ispy20 for 20% off any purchase. They don’t seem to have the brush I received online (?) but this one is the same thing, except it’s pink! And it’s only $4!

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