For those of you that don’t know, this past Sunday, I went to Pinknic!
What’s Pinknic? Pinknic is a giant picnic on Governors Island that is based around rosé wine. There’s even a dress code, you have to wear pink and/or white to the event.
They serve gourmet food, this year by Chris Santos in picnic baskets that you can pre-order for the event. Have allergies? No worries. They have baskets that cater to nut allergies and those of you who are vegan and vegetarian! If you’re not interested in ordering a picnic basket (I wasn’t, too expensive and nothing that appealed to me), you’re able to bring your own food. They also have some vendors there too that are serving food. But just be careful, because it can get pricey and they do run out of food.
As far as the wine list goes, you don’t have much to choose from. You can get Whispering Angel 2016 (on the drier side) or Champagne Pommery Brut Rosé (not too bad) or frosé. If you’re a VIP ticket holder (I was not) they offer two other choices, Rock Angel 2016 and Garrus Rosé 2015. The frosé was the best tasting and the cheapest option by far. It tasted like margarita mix with rose wine, which sounds weird, but it was so yummy! At only $10 a glass, I wish I had bought more of that. I sipped on The cheapest bottle of wine was the Whispering Angel and at $45, it wasn’t cheap at all. I was annoyed because if you look it up at your local liquor store, you can get the bottle for around $20. The Champagne was $65, but you could get a little mini bottle of it for $20.
My friend and I bought the cheapest tickets (General Admission, which literally just gets you into the event and ferry travel, no perks) which cost $100. I was disappointed that the wine was so expensive (they don’t release the wine list until a week before the event) and that they at least didn’t throw in a free glass. They do give you a cooler bag to keep the wine cold with every bottle you buy, as well as cute (plastic) wine glasses. They also hand out blankets for you to sit on at Pinknic, which is nice. But still, it’s expensive!
The music that they played wasn’t anything to write home about. They had seven different performers and they were good, but they didn’t hold my attention for long. I didn’t know any of them by name, but they all had some catchy tunes.
Overall, it was a great time! I had a lot of fun, got a little tipsy, got a lot of sun, and it will be something I will never forget. That being said, I probably won’t be returning. At the price that it cost me to have all that fun, I could have done the same thing, anytime I wanted, anywhere I wanted, for a hell of a lot cheaper.



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