Essie’s Steal His Name

This is such a perfect shade for a French manicure if you’re a fan of a more pinky undertone. I can totally see a bride wear this on her wedding day. This is also a pretty shade to wear by itself, which is what I’m doing.
Essie describes this shade as a “cheeky sheer peach” which is pretty spot on. I see more of a pinky undertone, but Ally says otherwise.
This is a shade any skin tone can wear, to any occasion. On my skin tone, it looks like my natural nail shade. I feel like it’s close to everyone’s natural nail bed color, but rosier.
You can get this shade for $8.50.
I think this a good investment shade that you can wear whether you’re in a wedding or going to a wedding. Or even if you’re just spending a nice spring day outside!
Enjoy your long weekend with some more blog posts!

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