Beaute Basics Travel Face Blender in Light Pink

I had high hopes for this product. It’s around the time where I should throw out my old sponge and start using a new one and I thought this was great because I just saved myself a trip/money/time to get a new one!
But I’m not a fan of this sponge. I know it’s smaller than other sponges, but I don’t care that it’s smaller. What I care about is that it’s HARD. Like it hurts to bounce this on my face because it doesn’t retain water well. You might as well be using this dry.
The bright side is that I will be using this for loose powder under my eyes and to carve out my contour more. I think this is the best that I’m going to get out of this sponge.
For $10 it’s half the price of the Beauty Blender, but I would rather spend the extra $10 and get something I actually enjoy using. If you want to try any of their other products (they also sell brushes as well as makeup) or if you want to test out this sponge yourself, you can use the code BBIPSY30 for 30% off any purchase!
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