Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk

Holy crap, this dry shampoo is amazing. When Ally tried it out, she told me she used the whole thing in the course of three days. Three days! She wanted to buy it in bulk, she loved it so much. I was happy she loved it, but it didn’t make me reach out and give it a try because Ally and I have very different hair types. She has fine, virgin blonde hair, and I have thick, dyed brunette/blonde hair. But it works on both of us!
I love that my hair doesn’t feel gritty after I use this. It just simply feels like my hair! I’ve used a different version of Klorane’s dry shampoo, which was just okay compared to this one! It’s so wonderful that it is currently sold out on Sephora.com and has been named to Allure’s Best of Beauty Awards four years in a row!
Keep on the lookout for when this comes back in stock because you are going to want this. No white residue, no grittiness, good volume, and sucks up the oil. 1oz is $10 or you can get 3.2oz for $20! It’s worth every penny. It’s giving my BlowPro one a run for its money!
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