BRTC Jasmine Waterful Sleeping Mask

I don’t buy the whole sleeping mask thing. At least, not when it comes to this product. This was my first time ever trying out a sleeping mask and I got to say, it feels a lot like a moisturizer to me.
It’s just basically applying a thick, jelly-like cream on your face (the consistency is a little looser than that of regular moisturizers) and leaving it on over night. You don’t ever wash it off.
This particular one applies clear, you can’t see the product on your face. I guess that’s what I was most disappointed about. I wanted it to look like an actual mud mask or something of that sort.
This mask is very moisturizing. My skin really needed it too, as when I woke up the next morning, I had completely forgotten that I had applied it the night before! My skin stoked it all up!
There is a blue flower complex in this that helps soothe and brighten the skin, which it did! My skin was glowy AF. It smells really pretty too, without it being too strong.
You can get this product for $28. Will I be purchasing it? No. I would rather just buy a 20-minute mask, to be honest. But it was fun to try out!
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