Boscia Charcoal Pore Pudding Intensive Wash-Off Treatment

I love that this comes swirled and that you have to mix it together. It makes it more fun that way! This really does look and feel like pudding, in case you were wondering.
This mask is supposed to make your pores appear smaller by detoxing them. All without drying your skin out, so you can finally have well-hydrated clearer skin.
White charcoal is known to be able to lift 1,000x it’s weight in impurities while also keeping your skin moisturized. This is the ultimate detox mask. I like to use this after a grueling workout or after a day spent at the beach because I’m adding moisture back to my skin while also deep cleaning it. That’s something that’s super important to me!
You can get this mask for $38 ONLY at Sephora! I think it’s totally worth checking out!
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