Milk Makeup Cooling Water

I think this might be a gimmick. I don’t really understand the whole idea of this product and I don’t think it does what it claims to do.
This product is supposed to help with dry skin, uneven texture, and puffiness. It has seawater in it to help soothe the skin and caffeine to help jump start it.
I didn’t feel that it really de-puffed anything. And it wasn’t all that cooling. To get the cooling effect, you have to put the product in the freezer. But anything you put in the freezer is going to be cooling. I was waiting for this product to tingle or free super refreshing and I was left disappointed.
When I concentrated this on my blemishes and other dry patches, I found my makeup went on a lot better. I think from now on that’s what I’ll be using this product for. I didn’t like using it all over my face, the residue it leaves behind is too tacky for like liking. At $24, I’ll be passing on this product and trying out some of their other ones. Their highlighters are so beautiful!
Check out some products that I do love below!

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